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Balthier/Vaan - My Star Tonight

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Mar. 30th, 2007 | 09:36 pm
posted by: oceanicblue in ff_13themes

[Author]: Jewelles
[Title]: My Star Tonight
Final Fantasy XII
#3 Life
  [2,996] A warm, lazy day and un-thought-of considerations. Spoilers up to Phon Coast. | Fluff and insinuations.

[ Goal of this horrendously fluffy fic: to offer myself something sweet since I can't get my hands on any chocolate. ;D I held this fic off, debating on whether or not to add a lemon, but it seems better without it. Anyways, enjoy my first finally slightly longish BalVaan ficceh. ]

My Star Tonight
Don't know where I'd be without you.

Groaning wearily from being stationed underneath the intensive heat rays beamed down onto him, Balthier slouched forward, then onto his feet in ultimate defeat. Reaching back to the fastenings lining down the mid-line of his richly decorated golden vest, the sky pirate clenched his teeth and prepared himself for what had developed over the years as a grueling feat. He knew that his growing irritation with wanting to dispose of his vest and long-sleeved shirt as quickly as humely possible would only result in delay for such a coveted wish.

Nonetheless, Balthier managed to undo at the very least the bottom-most clasps. He'd see after he had curbed his chagrin on how to reach the rest.

"Why wear an article that takes such difficulty to remove?"

While it meant that he would be forced to endure the fierce heat for moments longer, Balthier was still grateful for Basch's timely interruption. He let his aching arms fall to his sides, and considered for a moment on relaxing the rest of his body.

"Because, my dear Captain, you were not available that day for my consideration on your fashion advice."

Balthier peeked over his shoulder, his coffee-colored eyes running up and down Basch's excuse for a more preferable attire in mock appreciation. While the sickly, green-colored tassel added a different look to the otherwise introverted blond, Balthier could not fathom how this man could have gotten his hands on such a revealing outfit. "Though now I'm really glad you weren't," he added in a shadowed whisper, one he knew Basch had heard.

"Need some help?" the older man finally offered, and his delay in doing so earned him a nasty glare. Thankfully, Basch had acquired an immunity to this type of response.

Not waiting for Balthier's consent, Basch approached the brunet, jerked him face forward, and proceeded to unfasten the last buckles holding the vest together. Balthier muttered his thanks, and set to removing the hated garment and the shirt underneath. The cool ocean breeze caressing his skin was such a delight that made Balthier want to moan aloud to express his thrill at no longer feeling like a burnt crisp from the sun's rays (though he did not want Basch to get the wrong idea, not again, anyway).

The puncturing heat aside, it was a beautiful cloudless afternoon. The group had suspended their journey for Archades to remain at least one more day at the Phon Coast to stock up on supplies and ease their worries, if only for a while.

Basch, with a trace of unease flourishing his features, backed away from the pirate and lay</font> against the large boulder behind the two when he caught the brunet wave to a familiar blond boy at the shore.

"Don't worry yourself, Vaan's not the jealous type," Balthier assured in a low tone, taking a place beside Basch. He had caught the man's apprehensive expression after he had waved to Vaan.

His companion raised a curious eyebrow. "And that justifies to your endless indecency?" Basch, like the rest of their group were more than aware about Balthier's status in the women's circle, but that information had blurred right after Balthier and Vaan had gotten together.

"Hardly," Balthier choked out between bites of laughter. "Those days are over for me."

"That's good to hear."

The two men stood in silence for the next minutes, their attention following the antics of the youngest two as one chased the other near the crystal-clear water.

"They won't tire out anytime soon, will they?" Balthier joked aloud, gesturing to Basch with a nudge at his shoulder.

"Especially not Vaan," Basch added upon remembering how the blond teen refused to take a break from their clan hunting only days before.

"Oh no, especially not him," Balthier commented, his voice lowering several octaves as his mind thought back on the night before. He never once thought the boy could harbour so much stamina in that body of his, and Balthier had yet to see how much more Vaan could handle.

They heard a shriek, and then a splash of water. Though muffled, Vaan's exclamations could be heard even from their standing point. Balthier hauled himself up when Vaan gave chase behind a giggling Penelo.

"You missed a spot," Balthier heard Basch say from behind him after he had dusted off scattered sand on his pants.

Grinning wolfishly, Balthier turned to face the blond, one hand sliding down his bottom provocatively. "Would you like to get it for me, Captain?"

Basch leaned back against the rock, unabashed. He closed his eyes and smiled. "I would, but I will not."

"Don't get a man all worked up if you'll just end up refusing your own offers." Devilish grin still in place, Balthier forcibly handed the blond man his folded clothes. "Hold these for me, will you?"

Having no reason, or way, to decline, Basch accepted the heavy clothing with a chuckle, watching as Balthier made his way to the shore.

Fortunately, Penelo had caught onto the mischievous plan Balthier had prepared during his merry walk down the beach; perhaps a bit too quickly. She grinned knowingly at his wink, sprinting past him in a fit of giggles.

Restless for some action to an otherwise monotonous day, Balthier spread his legs in a ready position, folding his arms above his head to undo and crack several knots in his muscles. It wasn't long until Vaan halted him, suprise written evidently at bumping into Balthier.

That confusion, however, was easily overwritten when Vaan's blue eyes lowered, stopping at Balthier's shirtless torso. The rich skin glistened naturally beneath the sun ray's, and they held Vaan's attention for more than he liked.

"I always knew that only a real man could seize your attention."

Vaan sputtered unintelligibly, then resolved on closing his mouth when he could think of no retort.

Eyes fixated on the pout on succulent lips, Balthier alerted huskily, "You should know better than to tempt a hungry man, lovely." He took one step forward.

Placing one foot behind him, Vaan was about to ask why Balthier had interfered when he discovered Penelo on the other side of the beach, sticking her tongue at him. Gulping knowingly, he glanced nervously at Balthier, who only licked his lips in anticipation. Unprepared, Vaan yelped when Balthier charged forward suddenly, managing a tight hold around the blond's short jacket.

With a feverish grunt and stark determination to make it to dinner alive, Vaan wriggled free from his clothing's confines, and rushed off. He could hear Balthier's feet thumping on the soft sand close behind him, and that only sparked Vaan's motivation to lift his knees higher and run faster.

His plan failed, however, when his foot came in contact with a blunt item sticking out of the ground, causing the Vaan lose his balance. Swallowing back a rumble of laughter rooted from the amusing situation, Balthier took advantage of Vaan's disorientation and tackled the teen, sending them both tumbling to the ground in a mess of littered sand and tangled limbs.

Not comfortable with relinquishing control so easily, especially to a man as deceitful as Balthier, Vaan gave his all in fighting back, pushing his hands against the other man's naked chest, remembering that he had to push the vagrant off, not feel him up.

With hands at either side of Vaan's struggling body, Balthier grinned victoriously at his unfortunate lover through heavy panting. "Guess I won that little rumble."

Vaan failed to glare up at his attacker seeing as he was now attempting to conserve his energy to breath. "How can you... run in those things anyway?" he sputtered between mouthful gulps of air.

"Lots of practice," Balthier answered, already feeling the circulated heat beneath his tight leathers.

'Damn that brat for handing me such lovely images.'

Balthier snapped from his reverie when he felt Vaan try to roll underneath him. He caught Vaan's fidgeting wrists and locked them above the his head. "Imagine the possibilities of this position," he purred suggestively at a flustered Vaan. Leaning forward upon receiving no retort and a light flush smeared across both tanned cheeks, Balthier ensured that his breath brushed against Vaan's parted lips as he continued in a relentless whisper, "Though I don't believe you're ready for this kind of exposure."

Crystal blue eyes widened at the instinctive insinuation as the owners imagination swirled on the chances
were such an event to occur. Reminding himself with a shake of his head that Balthier was only toying with his mind, and defences, Vaan attempted to wriggle free once more. "Funny, Balthier, now get off! You're not exactly a light-weight." His response was having Balthier's larger body pressed closer to his own.

"Careful, Vaan," Balthier informed. He brushed their lips together softly, and his ego inflated when Vaan shivered lightly. "Do you remember the last time you provoked me like this?"

'He's loving every second of this.' Vaan internally seethed, wrestling with his rampant emotions to keep them from running wild with every roll of Balthier's hips against his own. 'That bastard! When we get back to camp, I'l--I'll... I'll sleep with my back facing him!'

Not that being beneath a hot and sweaty Balthier resulted in a complete turn-off for a teenager with healthy hormones, but when under grating pressures such as this one, it did anything but kindle Vaan's desires.

"Come on, let me go," Vaan all but implored to his assailant as he twisted and turned in hopes that he might break free.

Balthier tsked, wondering why in hell the blond won't give up. But of course, these types of circumstances do have their advantages. "Not before you say the magic words."

Vaan stilled his movements promptly and stared up at Balthier in stark perplexity, both eyebrows scrunched in thought. "What magic words?" he finally felt the need to inquire when his mind could think of none.

Wearing a grin so insane that made Vaan suspicious and want to retract his curious judgments, Balthier placed his mouth near an attentive ear, and proceeded to tell the boy exactly what he wanted to know.

Vaan's eyes widened with every articulated word. He felt the heat sink and settle in his lower body, now doing more than moistening his skin. At the last word, Vaan bucked his hips, succeeded in throwing off Balthier, who was too busy laughing at Vaan's expression to care.

Agitated yet turned on the slightest bit, Vaan rested back on his elbows, waiting for Balthier to sit up from his thrown back position on the sandy ground and shut his mouth so that they could go back to their camp. He unwillingly watched the man's heaving chest, rising and falling with every bark of laughter.

Although Balthier acted like a stubborn prick most of the time, seeing it his duty to annoy the heck out of Vaan's life during the day and relieve the boy of his breath at night, watching him now in this care-free manner reminded Vaan just what had attracted him to the sky pirate in the first place. Not knowing entirely why, Vaan smiled.

Of course, the second Balthier had looked up at him with a smile of his own, Vaan altered his lips to a frown, remembering that he was supposed to be angry at the brunet and his antics. "Stop laughing. It's not funny." The request only prompted more laughter from the pirate when the insistence was followed by a childish pout.

"Do keep making those faces; I've grown rather fond of them."

"And if I don't? What'll you do?"

"As I've made it clear prior to your juvenile rampage, do not tempt me when I'm in the mood."

Vaan's features twisted into what he hoped his lover would identify as disgust. "Only you can get excited from the simplest of things."

"It all comes with the package," Balthier said, patting the front of his leather pants.

Huffing in exhaustion, Vaan lay back on the sand, staring up at the darkening sky. His hair was askew, sticking up in all sorts of funky angles, but he's so comfortable in his relaxed position that he doesn't mind at all. At the sound of shuffling nearby, Vaan concludes that it's Balthier. While he's not in the mood for whatever the man might be cooking up, Vaan remained still and pretended not to notice when the pirate loomed over Vaan, half-laying over his smaller frame. He sighed when a hand brushed stray bangs aside.

Balthier tossed a quick glance over his shoulder before reuniting his gaze with the bright blue orbs staring at him with transfixed gaze. "Basch and Penelo are gone. Must have gone back for dinner," he murmured, as if raising his voice the barest inch could possibly shatter the tranquility that had descended around them. When Vaan hummed to express his awareness, Balthier continued, "We have the place to ourselves now, if that helps."

Vaan held back a shiver at the sexual undertone. His eyes narrowed when the "magic words" echoed around him. "I'm not letting you do that to my ass again, Balthier."

"I didn't think so," the brunet said with a chuckle. He then added playfully, "You haven't told me to get off. Something wrong?"

"You haven't done anything to me yet."

"Just how much can I get away with today?" Though he trailed his hand down to Vaan's belly tentatively, Balthier was treading over ground that he knew were sure to lash out on his intrusion, but he wouldn't be the dashing and fearless sky pirate if he didn't.

"Nothing more than this," Vaan warned through a drowsy yawn, showing little care of the new warmth stroking his torso, "So don't try it."

"Wouldn't dream of it."


They spent the next moments in silence, which did not turn into a great deal for a motor-mouth like Vaan, but he managed, if anything, for the man laying closely pressed beside him, who now had his head dipped into Vaan's collar bone. He nudged the boy after some time, telling him to look over at the horizon. Hues of brilliant yellow and orange whirled and mixed around the shadowing sky and the setting sun, reminding Vaan of a painting Old Dalan had hanging on the wall of his home. He could tell the sight had also captivated Balthier by the long breaths he kept in-taking.

As he's watching the sun sink into the sea, Vaan said in a low voice, "It would be nice to see this all the time."

"We can watch it tomorrow morning if that's any consolation." A pensive pause. "Though then it would not be a set, but a rise."

Vaan only rolled his eyes. "I knew that already."

"Truly, did you?" Balthier raised his head to look down at Vaan. "I was trying to be certain as I didn't court you for your brains, in case that never occurred to you." Vaan smacked his arm playfully to let the brunet know his standing. Balthier grabbed the attacking hand, twining their fingers together and letting their hands rest beside them on the sand. "Joking."

"I'd like to live here," Vaan continued his thought as if Balthier were no bother, "at the Phon Coast. Not forever, but for some time."

Balthier smiled warmly at the dreamy look etched onto the teen's expression. "Why's that?"

"No worries," was the simple answer. Perhaps a bit too simple for a man who lived a complicated life.

"This is Empire territory in case you've forgotten," Balthier felt the need to clarify, but he already thought that Vaan had gone bonkers.

"Another reason to like it." Balthier raised an eyebrow, waiting for Vaan to proceed. "Doesn't seem that way."

Memories of hot summer days like the present swamped Balthier. He saw himself as a young runt fresh in his teen years so clearly whenever his eyes fastened onto Vaan's direction, and seeing him now, knowing his thoughts and wishes, was no different. Nothing stopped Balthier from relating the humorous tales of his days as a Judge and the times he'd run away from Archadia to this welcoming beach to prove a point to his father. He felt his chest bloom with rare anxiety upon being rewarded with Vaan's sincere, sugary smiles.

It was nice to just lay there, and not think about what's going to happen next or come up with a plan for whatever danger there was sure to lie ahead. Being here with Vaan, tossed lazily on the sandy beach, watching the oceans waves and the stars--enjoying each other's company without a doubt of worry was the true gem. When Balthier could get the blond to close his mouth--were it not for kissing--and simply take in the pleasure of the moment was such an alluring feeling to be filled with.

"We could do that," Balthier finally conceded to Vaan's earlier notion. Vaan turned to face him and the pirate swore that he'd never seen a more beautiful sight beneath the moon's pale lighting. "Come back here when it's all over. Not to live, mind you, as I do have my title to think of."

Vaan smiled at that. "I'd like that."

With an inviting, half-lidded gaze at his end, Balthier leaned the rest of the way and caught Vaan's lips in the purest kiss either had given the other.


Wow, I thought that would never end. xD Anyways, my spring break starts next week (whoopwhoop!) and I'll be using that time to finish up my Balthier/Vaan website and the rest of my claim here. :)

Also, please overlook any errors. I ran over it once, and will do again tomorrow morning when I have my energy back. -drops head on desk-


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Marta (Red)

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Fashion advice and Basch just DON'T mix XDD I love your characterization of Balthier to bits! He appears to be perfectly in character, and perfectly ill-tempered, as per usual ^_~

OOH, P.S. It's me, fantasie_dminor, this is simply my writing journal and I'm being lazy and not wanting to switch users XD

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