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Feb. 10th, 2007 | 10:37 pm
posted by: darkranger in ff_13themes

[Author]: darkranger
[Title]: Heart of the Storm
[Fandom]: Final Fantasy VIII
[Pairing/Character]: Seifer/Squall
[Theme]: Black
[Rating]: G
[Summary/Warnings]: He loved storms.

The young teen looked out of the window of his dorm room, letting out a contented sound. He quickly jumped off the bed, grabbing his gunblade and ran. He ran, and ran and didn't stop running until he reached the entrance of Balamb Garden. He stepped through the turnstile and continued to the door, pushing it open.

He stepped out into the night storm. The sky a velveteen jet black, broken only by swirls of silver and purple clouds and strikes of white lightning. He smiled then, a true, genuine smile, watching those bolts dance across the sky.

He loved storms! Loved the way the lightning danced and duelled across the sky, in and out of the clouds, illuminating the sky, before disappearing just as quickly. He loved the sound, the rumble of thunder, the crack of lightning. He loved the feeling of rain on his face. He loved the scent of the wet grass, the sea breeze drifting across from Balamb Town. Yes. He loved storms.

On nights like this he could lose himself, let his thoughts and feelings free. Without further warning he ran into the rain, into the heart of the storm, screaming as loud as he could, dropping to his knees. As he screamed, all the tension and stress building up inside him was released just like a spring.

His room-mate watched from the entrance with an amused smile. The boy in the rain never failed to entertain him – his strange ways and unusual demeanour made him all the more interesting. Slowly he made his way over to the other boy, kneeling behind him, wrapping his arms around him. He rest his head on the other's back, chuckling softly. “I thought I'd find you out here. You're always out here when there's a storm.”

Again he smiled and pressed his lips to the other boy's temple. “Come on Squall, let's go back in before you catch a chill.”

The smaller boy nodded then, turning his head to catch the other's lips in a soft kiss, before standing up. “Yeah. I hope there's another storm soon though.”

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from: darkranger
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