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Balthier/Vaan - Esta Noche

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Mar. 1st, 2007 | 09:48 am
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posted by: oceanicblue in ff_13themes

[Author]: Jewelles
[Title]: Esta Noche*
Final Fantasy XII
#9 Poetry
With a free night in Archades, two men take advantage of that. | Lemon-fic. [2,038]

*I'm feeling very spanishy these days. xD The title directly translates to "This Night," and loosely to "Tonight." (yes, translating is confusing AND anal xD.)

[ This be my first lemon fic ever, so if something doesn't seem right, I do encourage my readers to speak up (haha, comment) as I do want to get better. Thankies! >3> ]

Esta Noche
No obstacle will get in his way tonight.

Balthier had gotten a hold of Vaan once the group had split up to spend the night in Archades. A quick kiss and the boy grew silent, a blush forming on his cheeks and curses pending on his tongue.

Nonetheless, he allowed the pirate to drag him in the direction of the nearest hotel, the butterflies in his stomach growing in number as his mind came into focus on what they would be doing once settled in.

They're on the bed now, their naked bodies tangled, with Balthier draped over Vaan, making use of his weight to keep Vaan under control. Despite the cool weather outside in the Imperial City, the temperature had risen several degrees inside, suffocating almost, but neither man cared amidst the intensity of their liplock, which had grown daring.

Balthier grinned into the kiss when he felt hands slide up his back and short nails dig into his skin. His prior task of soothing Vaan down, smoothing over his composure, had been accomplished. He moved then, putting a much desired friction between their bare erections, wanting to hear Vaan actually moan louder, which he finally does, wriggling beneath Balthier, making the man moan at the act and grow harder than he already was.

'This is torture...' Vaan thought as Balthier moved above him, his body shuddering with delight when Balthier pushed down harder against him. It's what he had wanted, but he wasn't sure if he'd be able to keep up should Balthier go any quicker.

The brunet pressed closer to Vaan's trembling body (if that were even possible), devouring the boy's mouth with a hunger that didn't seem to sate. Their tongues twisted together, either man enveloped in the extremity of it all to care for the saliva dripping down their chins.

There were other people beyond their bedroom walls; Vaan knew this but he had already given into Balthier to give it another thought, writhing and moaning with every touch to his body.

"Balth--" he managed between chokes. Said mad only covered Vaan's mouth with his own, drowning whatever else Vaan had to say, but Vaan turned his head, determined to get his say.

"Stop playing around," he finally got out, but he doubted Balthier even heard a word, as the brunet had slid his mouth down Vaan's neck, sucking on the skin until it bruised a bright red.

"Foreplay, Vaan," Balthier explained once done, sitting up, and reaching for the oddly uncapped bottle of oil on the night table nearby, "Ever heard of it?"

"I hav-- ugh, Balthier--" Vaan could not finish, or even think coherently while he had Balthier's lubricated finger rubbing against his tight and clenching entrance, and his mouth hot against his neck, biting onto his skin, the combination hiking his pleasure threefold.

The first finger pushed in, and Vaan's muscles involuntarily tightened around the intruding digit. "Relax," Balthier breathed into his neck, his bites dimishing to tender kisses as he gently pushed his finger in further regardless of Vaan's defenses, showing the boy that he would not give up so easily. Though the compacting heat felt divine, he could not enjoy it's riveting pleasure under Vaan's expense.

The arms around Balthier's neck tightened by the second intrusion. Guttural moans left Vaan at having the two fingers scissoring his insides, stretching him open. His whole body shuddered, a shock of pleasure running through him when they plunged in deep enough. Balthier grinned against his neck.

Vaan threw his head back on the third, his back arching off the bed and pressing closer to Balthier's body.  His hips were pushing down, rocking against the thrusting fingers. Where Vaan had once tried to prevent this now he thought of how silly it was to do so.

"Don't worry," Balthier started quietly, "I've done this many times before." He gave a low moan when Vaan's entrance squeezed tightly around his finger, the heat enrapturing.

"Are you sure you should be telling me this?" Vaan retorted through misplaced groans. This was their night. The last thing he needed was to hear about the pirate's last conquests.

Balthier pulled his fingers out without an answer. Vaan almost whimpered at the loss of them in his body, but caught himself quickly, replacing it with a sigh instead. He looked up at Balthier's knowing smile, and as he went to ask what he was so damn happy about, his mouth parted, sliding in the three fingers that glistened with the juices of from Vaan's entrance.

Horrified, the blond could only watch, wide-eyed, as Balthier sucked on the three digits. Vaan could tell Balthier was enjoying his stunned expression from the way the creases appeared near his eyes. As repulsed as he felt over watching the man do such a thing, Vaan could not deny that the act had bewitched him.

Seeing that the boy had had enough torture for on night, Balthier extracted the fingers from his mouth. He leaned forward, pressing a light kiss on pouting lips. "Roll over, would you boy?" he said against them, patting Vaan's hip.

Vaan growled, but complied, his need for Balthier to be inside of him overriding even his most assertive of senses. He felt his anxiety rise, however, as he got on his hands and knees. He swallowed a lump when he heard a drawer open then slam shut, and the crumpling of  plastic following.

Balthier's eyes swept over the curve of Vaan's spine, taking in his position. "Now or never; just remember to breathe." He grabbed Vaan by the hip with one hand, and his cock with the other, readying himself.

Exasperated, Vaan looked over his shoulder, glaring at the brunet. "I'm not giving birth Balthier, so hurry up and fuck me already."

Balthier scoffed at Vaan's domineering attitude. "So damn pushy." He thrusted in, groaning from how unbelievably tight the boy was, but like he always knew, Vaan was just a boy, new to each and every thing Balthier was teaching him. The pirate was glad he's the first to do so. He immediately halted when he heard a hitch come from Vaan.

Vaan pushed back with some difficulty, letting Balthier know that he could continue. Amusing himself with images of Vaan as a matyr (but not losing the sense of Vaan being in some pain), Balthier pushed in again to the hilt, waiting some moments for Vaan to adjust before pulling back out and sliding back in in the same slow pace. He stopped, alarmed, when Vaan's body stilled, his head falling between his shoulder blades.

"Vaan, are you alright?" Silence. "Answer me, Vaan."

Vaan swallowed thickly, and answered in a hoarse voice, "Yeah." He raised his head and looked behind him at Balthier's worried expression, feeling an uncertain fluttering in his chest. "Why'd you stop?"

Balthier shook his head, the pain in his chest draining slowly. Muttering to himself "he must be joking," he leaned over Vaan, placing a small, reassuring kiss between his shoulders. "Shall I continue or do you need some time to adjust?"


"No, stop, or no, continue?"

Vaan growled. "Dammit, Balthier!"

Instead of answering, Balthier's hand went down, wrapping around Vaan's hard erection in order to keep his attention averted from the slight pain further penetration will indeed cause.

Vaan gasped as fingers squeezed around him harder, the thumb playing with the slit on his tip. So preoccupied in the tantalising feel, he didn't notice when Balthier began moving again. He swallowed the small cries that demanded release, not wanting to distress Balthier again. Instead, he tried to find peace in the slow rhythm, using it to adjust himself. The pain was slowly ebbing away, allowing him to find pleasure in their situation.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Balthier concentrated on timing his pace, picking up only the slightest when he witnessed Vaan push back, obviously accustomed. The feel of being buried deep inside the boy was beyong words; he doubt he'd ever be able to express how right it felt to get up to this point.

Vaan found himself immersing on the new pace. The pain had decimated almost entirely, and he could now find pleasure in it all, but it didn't feel enough. He began pushing back against Balthier thrusts, hoping that the brunet would hit that spot that sent his world spinning again. Balthier soon found it and he cried aloud from the ecstasy of it all.

Balthier grinned at the boy's cry, going faster. Each plunge he took seemed to hit that same spot as Vaan wouldn't stop making those delicious noises that only served to encourage Balthier. Feeling braver than he had all night, he pulled out before ramming back in.

It soon got hotter in the room. Sweat covered their bodies, pouring down their sides. Balthier always thought Vaan looked sexier when sweaty (or so he concluded when they were at the very hot Tchita Uplands). His lightly tanned skin was flushed a beautiful scarlet, as was Balthier's own.

When Vaan began squeezing his inner muscles, Balthier knew he could not hold off his impending orgasm any longer. One last thrust and he came hard, Vaan's name tumbling through his groans and his grip on the blond's hip tightening. The world spiraled before his eyes, refusing to settle down until he had.

He gathered his weight once his senses returned. He licked his lips, finding it hard to believe that he had finally nailed Vaan to a bed and had his wicked way with the blond.

Vaan's panting below him woke Balthier from his thoughts. He grinned when the boy whispered his name, still hard.

An idea in mind, Balthier gently pulled his softening cock out of him. His hand slipped up Vaan's back, pushing him down softly.

Vaan fidgeted at first, but soon conformed, hoping only that Balthier would do something about his aching erection. His chest lay closely on the bed, his bottom raised high in the air. He felt uncomfortable in this position, but if it meant for him to finally climax, then he gladly accepted it. He whimpered when hands grasped his cheeks in each, pulling them apart with considerable leisure. His body shivered when a breath of hot air smeared across his puckered entrance.

"Relax, Vaan," he heard Balthier whisper from behind him. "I won't do anything you don't want me to."

Vaan wanted this so bad, he couldn't even begin to fathom for a reason to oppose. "No, go ahead."

He did feel nervous at what Balthier had planned, but he trusted the pirate, as ironic as it sounded. He let out a soft cry when Balthier's tongue pushed into him little by little, dragging it out.

Balthier then gripped Vaan's still hard cock, stroking him relentlessly, demanding the boy's much overdue release.

Vaan came quickly, as if hearing Balthier's internal plea. He remained in his kneeling position, too tired to even lay down. Balthier chuckled, grabbing him by the waist and bringing Vaan to rest against him, uncaring of the wetness on the boy. He kissed the top of golden locks.

"So, how'd I do?" Balthier finally asked, although he wasn't entirely expecting an asnwer in return

The look on Vaan's face was priceless when he turned slightly to regard Balthier. He wasn't sure whether he had heard the pirate correctly. "You actually expect me to asnwer that?"

Shaking his head, Balthier couldn't supress a chuckle. "Of course not, though only you would get bothered over a retorical question."

Vaan rolled his eyes, jabbing Balthier playfully with his elbow. "You sounded serious, so I thought...."

Pressing a light kiss to the back of Vaan's neck, Balthier murmured, "Don't think."

Where that would have once worked Vaan up, the boy decided to let it slide. He rested back against Balthier as arms wrapped around his body, sighing contentedly, and closing his eyes, ready for a much needed rest.


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from: darkranger
date: Mar. 1st, 2007 05:10 pm (UTC)

Wow!! That's really good (and really hot too >.> ) You should write lemons more often, you have a natural gift!

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