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Final Fantasy's 13 Themes

The devil's dozen

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Hello and welcome to the 13 themes Final Fantasy fanfiction challenge community! This is, as stated in the pervious sentence, a fanfic challenge which involves writing about the characters of any Final Fantasy game involving the 13 separate themes. This endeavor will entail you writing 13 stories on your Final Fantasy pairing/character of choice, with each story centering on a certain theme. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, I encourage you to read through the rest of the explanation ^_^

The Challenge

I have come up with a list of 13 one-word prompts, which will serve as themes for your 13 stories. You can check out that list here. You do not have to go in order as the themes are listed, as long as you write a story matching each of the one-word prompts. Your interpretation of these themes can be loose or literal, but it somehow needs to be clear, in your story, how the word ties into the plot. Once you have written 13 stories for each separate theme you have officially completed the challenge ^_^ Please notice that this community is all about Final Fantasy characters.


You can claim any character/pairing from any Final Fantasy game here. Each pairing has to be original, meaning no one else can have the same pairing as you. Before claiming any characters please check whether they have already been claimed here. It is possible, however, that if someone has, for instance, claimed Tifa/Cloud that another person can claim Cloud/Aeris or just Tifa. What I would like to stay away from is having two people claiming the same pairing of Tifa/Cloud. You can claim TWO pairings/characters at a time. Please claim in the following format:

After that challenge is completed, and it so suits your fancy, you can start over again. To drop a claim for whatever reason, please comment here.


-The most important rule is that you don’t flame or bash other writers. Anything of the sort will not be allowed in this community. There will be a warning issued if it happens once, but the second time the person will be banned. If you have a problem with another member, please deal with that outside of this community.
-This community is very low pressure and doesn’t require you to post, but it would be nice that you do so every two months or so if you claimed a pairing.
-Try to review other people’s work. It is always an encouragement to have someone read and give feedback on your writing ^_^
-Please post your stories under a cut.

It is much more convenient, because it doesn’t eat up so much f-list space. When posting stories, do so in the following format:

-Please have fun! This community is made for your enjoyment, so do enjoy it ^_^


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darkranger: Squall Leonhart&Seifer Almasy: Banner


If you have any suggestions, questions, concerns, want to affiliate, or anything of the sort, please comment here.